Top 5 Ways to Get Involved at UA

Before Arriving on Campus:

The University of Alabama offers many different ways to get involved and to connect with others on campus.  Moving from high school to college can be a daunting transition, and managing your co-curricular activities with your academic responsibilities is just one part of the puzzle that you must master in the coming years.  To make your transition easier and to prepare yourself for whatever level of involvement you want on campus, follow our five easy tips!

1.    Visit the University of Alabama's "First Year Experience" website. The office of First Year Experience (FYE) is committed to supporting your academic and social transition to The University of Alabama. FYE seeks to help students understand the expectations associated with being a member of the Capstone and to educate first-year students about various support services on campus. FYE provides support, resources, and programs for freshman and transfer students as they build the foundation of their Capstone experience.

2.    Visit The SOURCE website and browse the student organization directory. You can search the directory of all the registered student organizations on campus by name or by topic. With over four hundred registered student organizations, the student organization director offers many ways to get connected on campus!

3.     Fill out an Interest Inventory. This inventory will ask you about your specific interests, and then a staff member in the Office of Student Involvement will give you specific organizations that you may want to look into. Filling out an interest inventory will give you personalized results, as well as put you in touch with an SIL staff member who can be a great resource when you arrive to campus.

4.     Ask questions. When you go to orientation, ask your Avanti and any other students that you meet about what kind of activities they are involved in. If you meet with faculty members from your college or major, ask about what kinds of organizations exist that are exclusively for your major. As you browse through the many materials you receive over the summer and at your Bama Bound session, note the contact people listed and contact them if you have questions about their program or organization.

5.     Look into programs specifically for freshmen. You can even apply for Freshman Forum, a unique leadership development program that is sponsored by the Office of First Year Experience, right now through their website!  Freshman programs are a great way to connect with other freshmen and get a feel for the campus, as well as gain leadership experience during your first year on campus!