Out-of-State Students

        Welcome to the University of Alabama!  The population of out-of-state students is growing at a face pace and the Office of Student              Involvement has created many different ways to help students from out of state get involved on campus and in the                 community. Please see the resources listed below, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Kirk Walter at                  kdwalter@sa.ua.edu, or call 205-348-6114 to set up an appointment.


   Interest Inventories

   Completing an Interest Inventory is simple; simply fill in your contact information, select the items that interest you, and click submit.  Within

   a week of receiving your Interest Inventory, a member of the Student Involvement staff will contact you with helpful    

   information about ways to get connected on campus that match your interests.  Click here to fill out an Interest Inventory.



  The SOURCE (Student Organizations)

Students are encouraged to get involved in organizations that match their interests.  Student involvement week and Get On Board Day are

    both excellent ways to discover organizations in which you may want to be involved.   To search the variety of student organizations that is

    found on the University of Alabama campus and to obtain more information about specific organizations, please visit The SOURCE.

  One-On-One Appointment

   The professional staff of Student Involvement is available for one of one meetings to help students navigate multiple avenues of

   involvement.  During this meeting each student will have the opportunity to develop a plan of engagement that will take into account academic 

   interests, professional interest, and personal interest. To set up one-on-one appointment with a Student Involvement Staff please

   call 205-348-6114.

  The 49

   "The 49" is a student coordinating body that works to connect out-of-state students with opportunities for campus/community involvement, 

   mentorship programs, and social activities.  The mission of "The 49" is to help acclimate out-of-state students to The University of Alabama, to

   cultivate relationships and dialogue between out-of-state students, and to foster a campus community that is welcoming and inclusive of all

   students. "The 49" will advocate for issues and policies important to out-of-state students, while also promoting an awareness of the many ways

   in which out-of-state students contribute to The University of Alabama Community.