Student Perspectives:

            The decisions I made in my first year on campus were the most integral in my college career. Choosing to be involved in a variety of areas on campus helped me avoid the pitfalls that so many college freshmen face. Through participation in the student government, I learned the mediums through which student life is changed on our campus. Engaging in community service, I was exposed to the harsh realities that exist in society and became educated on how best to cope with these issues. Finally, as a student ambassador through Capstone Men and Women, I took part in the recruitment of the best and brightest students to our university. Albeit the organization that one joins, finding your passion at Alabama will prove worthwhile in the college experience. Moreover, getting involved early on at the University of Alabama will allow you to find a network of peers that share similar interests with you.

- Mark Foley, UA Freshman 2008-2009

              I really jumped in to campus life my first year here. I joined the UA Chapter of NAACP, Black Student Union, Residence Housing Association, and began working for the Office of Student Involvement. I wanted a wide array of activities to participate in until I could find my niche. I found that in serving the Minority community. After only 1 semester here, I became Secretary of NAACP and RHA President for my dorm. I eventually became President of NAACP and now serve as President of Black Student Union and my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. The foundation laid during my first year here helped me gain a connection to this campus and kept me focused on the important things during my college career, academics and extracurriculars. I would encourage any student, first year, transfer, International, or returning, to make sure they find a student organization they familiarize themselves with and put forth their best effort to make it better. You will not only help it grow, but also refine the abilities you have to lead and become a productive citizen in the future. Good luck and Roll Tide!

- Coresa Nancy Hogan, UA Freshman 2008-2009


               The University of Alabama offers its students involvement possibilities on in every thinkable facet of campus. During my tenure at UA I like to think that I have sampled almost all of these facets. Working with everyone from Creative Campus, the Office of Disability Services, Crossroads Community Center, and intramurals; to Freshman Forum, the Office of Student Involvement, and Peer Mentor Programs; to Ambassadors and Student Executive Councils within my College; I have tried to make it a point to search out all my options in hopes of discovering where my passion truly was. Through it all, I realized that I simply loved working with people in capacity that in some way shape or form would allow me to change the life of at least one individual. The University of Alabama prides itself in its fantastic legacy; it is my hope that as I walk across the stage on graduation I will be leaving behind a legacy of my own that others will want to follow - a legacy that attests to the importance of involvement and the benefits of giving back to the university that has given me so much.

- Michael Wynn, Senior 2010-2011

               During the past three years at the University of Alabama, I have participated in a wide selection of involvement activities. Beginning in my freshman year with Freshman Forum, the Honors College, and Greek life, my involvement has only grown since that time. I have had the opportunity to help create new student groups and to serve as a leader in a variety of roles. I know that next year, when I leave this University and go on to graduate school to pursue a degree in Higher Education (a career path that my involvement helped me to discover), I will look back on my years at the University as being some of the most exciting years of my life. I have grown as a person and as a leader, and I have had the opportunity to work with and develop close relationships with such a diverse group of fellow students. My campus involvement has enhanced my experience at the University more than I can imagine, and I hope that future students will continue to gain the sense of personal fulfillment and servitude to the UA community that I have gained through my experiences.

- Kayla Lisenby, Senior 2010-2011

               Since setting foot on campus, involvement has defined my experience here at the Capstone. Anything that piqued my interest presented an opportunity to get involved - the University did a great job facilitating my transition to college, so I gave back by serving as a College of A&S Ambassador and cUltivAte Peer Mentor. I missed high school athletics, so I rowed with Alabama Crew. I wanted to know what a B.S. in Chemistry meant in the real world, so I partnered with my favorite professor as an undergraduate researcher. Endeavors such as these have given me a sense of purpose academia alone could not, but the most meaningful outcome of my involvement has been the discovery of my passions in life.

              My involvement with AED has provided me with the exposure to Medicine that has been instrumental in shaping my desire to become a Physician. Additionally, through my experiences volunteering at local underprivileged schools, I've discovered that I'm equally passionate about Education. Today I am focused on helping my peers find their calling by serving as AED President and representing Teach For America on campus. For me, getting involved has been both invaluable and fulfilling- not only has it bettered my understanding of what I want to do with my life, but it has also allowed me to apply myself to those passions here and now.

- Vinay Juneja, Senior 2010-2011